A stillbirth is defined as a baby that is born dead after the 24th week of pregnancy and by law must be registered. The stillbirth can be registered once a medical doctor or midwife has completed the medical certificate recording the cause of death.

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Registrars' Office

What you need to know...

The details for a stillbirth registration should be given to a registrar in the district in which the stillbirth occurred. The stillbirth must be registered within 3 months from when it occurred.

If no doctor or midwife was present, and no doctor or midwife examined the body, you must complete a form, which the registrar will give to you.

Who can register the stillbirth?

  • The mother of the baby.
  • The father of the baby (only if the parents are married).
  • Any relative of either parent of the baby who has knowledge of the stillbirth.
  • The occupier of the premises where the stillbirth took place (for example a governor or hospital matron).
  • A person present at the stillbirth.
  • The female civil partner where the child's parents went through a civil partnership at the time of the still-birth.

In exceptional circumstances someone who isn't the baby's parent can register the stillbirth, but contact must be made with the Register Office before coming in to register. (this doesn't make sense alongside the bullet points above, need clarification)

Non-married/civil partnership couples

Only the mother's details will be recorded in the stillbirth entry where the parents were not married to each other or have been through a civil partnership at the time of the stillbirth. The father or other partner must attend if their details are to be recorded in the stillbirth entry.