Congratulations! You have made the decision to marry or enter into a civil partnership. Here is all the legal information you need to know.

1. Making a booking

You must have decided on the venue for your wedding or civil partnership before you attend Lambeth Register Office to give your notice.

You must first contact the venue where you wish to get married/enter into a civil partnership and make a provisional booking for your chosen date.

After this you should then give a notice of your intention to marry/enter into a civil partnership in the district in which you live.

A notice of marriage or civil partnership is valid for 1 year, but it is advisable to make a booking for your marriage/civil partnership as soon as you can, particularly if you intend to be married in one of Lambeth’s approved premises.

2. Legal notice of marriage/civil partnership

To give your notice of intention to marry/enter into a civil partnership, you must have lived in Lambeth for 7 clear days before the notice is given.

The notice can only be given on the 8th day. If one or both of you live elsewhere, you will need to give notice in person at the Register Office in the district where you live.

For example, if you have just moved in to a property or arrived into the country on 1 June your 7 days only start on 2 June Your 7 days will be complete on 8 June and you will give your notice on 9 June

If you live in Lambeth and you are not subject to immigration control, you will give your notice here.

You can give notice at Lambeth Register Office, but can get married/enter into a civil partnership at any Register Office or Approved Premises of your choice in England and Wales.

If one or both of you are non-EU citizens then you will each need to give notice to the Superintendent Registrar of a designated Register Office.
Lambeth Register Office is a designated register office

3. Documents required to give legal notice

When giving notice you will need to provide proof of your identity, nationality and residence.

At the interview when are giving your notice, you will be asked to give us:

  • information about yourself and your partner
  • proof of your current address
  • proof of your name, age and nationality
  • proof that you are legally free to marry or form a civil partnership, if you have been previously married (or registered as a civil partner).

All documents provided must be originals and not photocopies and need to be current.

On the day of the ceremony you will need to show the document(s) used to prove your indentity at the time of giving your notice.

If you are a UK Citizen or national of a EEA country, bring one of the following:

  • Valid Passport
  • Birth Certificate (only for British Nationals born before January 1983)
  • National Identity Card (EEA National only)

For nationals of non EEA countries you need to provide evidence of:

  • Age
  • Nationality

You will need to provide two of the following as proof of residence:

  • Bank Statement or credit card bill - dates within the last 3 (online statements not accepted)
  • Council tax must be the current year
  • NHS medical card showing current address
  • Full driver's license showing current address

A person is subject to immigration control if he/she requires leave to enter or remain in the UK. Effectively this applies to all nationals of a foreign country i.e. a non-European Economic Area country.

If you are subject to immigration control:

  • you will both need to attend if one or both of you are subject to immigration control
  • you will need documents that prove your nationality and identity - passports ideally but is your responsibility to provide sufficient evidence. 
  • if you are a foreign national and do not have a valid passport you may have a National ID card or a Home Office travel document
  • you will need to provide proof of residence - if it is a utility bill, it will need to be recently dated.

Because of changes to immigration laws, people subject to immigration control wishing to give notice to marry or form a civil partnership must do so at a specially designated register office.
Lambeth Register Office is a designated register office.

Persons under immigration control can go to any designated register office but they must attend with their partner.

4. Other information we may need

Married before

If you have been married before and divorced you will need to show a decree absolute of divorce bearing the court's original stamp. If your husband or wife died, we will need to see a certified copy of their death certificate.

In a civil partnership before

If the the divorce or dissolution took place is a foreign country, we will need to see the original documents, along with a certified English translation, if necessary. The documents will be referred to the General Register Office for approval. If your civil partner died, we will need to see a certified copy of their death certificate.

Change of name

If you have ever changed your name by Deed Poll, Change of Name Deed or by Statutory Declaration, the documents will need to be shown.

Under 18

If either of you is under 18, we will need your parents or guardian’s consent to the marriage/civil partnership. If your parents are divorced we may need to see court orders. The Superintendent Registrar can advise you.

5. Make an appointment

You will need to make an appointment to give notice of your intention to marry/enter into a civil partnership.

Call us to make an appointment:

Telephone: 020 7926 9420
We offer appointments from 9am to 3.30pm Monday to Friday.

Please note that the Register Office is closed on the first Wednesday of each month until 1pm.

The statutory fee for giving notice of marriage/civil partnership is £35 per person which is payable on the day the notice is given.

You can pay by cash, cheque, postal order, debit or credit card except for American Express.

6. Next steps for getting married/entering into a civil partnership

Once you have had your interview with the Superintendent Registrar and given your notice, your notice will be displayed for 15 days from when both parties gave notice or 21 days if a Notice of Non Impediment was given. The notice will be displayed in a folder where members of the public can see it. This is a legal requirement.

After 15 or 21 days, we will issue ‘certificates of authority’ which are required for a legal marriage/civil partnership. This is subject to clearance of all documents.

For example, if you both give notice on 9 June the earliest date you can get married is 25 June