We spend approximately £350 million per year on goods and services.

All of our business is procured through a competitive process - from comparing quotes for low value work to completing a formal tender process for high risk/high value contracts.

1. Approved suppliers

Lambeth Council has an approved supplier list which is managed on our behalf by Constructionline, a UK government owned certification service for construction and building-related contractors, consultants and material suppliers. It has been developed to save the industry millions of pounds by cutting the amount of duplication in the pre-qualification process.

Suppliers who join Constructionline will have satisfied our basic pre-qualification requirements. This means you will only need to submit your Constructionline registration number and any project-specific details to pre-qualify for advertised contracts or requests for quotation.

Register your business with the council

To register, you should contact Constructionline direct. They will provide you with full details of the scheme including annual costs and how to register:

Business Development Manager Tom Jackson
Telephone: 07712 391082
Email: thomas.jackson@capita.co.uk
Website: Constructionline

2. Our pre-qualification process

Suppliers responding to an expression of interest advertisement may be asked to complete a Lambeth business questionnaire.

The questionnaire is used by us to ensure that companies are suitably qualified to carry out the services or supply the goods that they claim they can.

The evaluation of all pre-qualification submissions is based on the economic and financial standing and technical capacity of firms applying.

The questionnaire asks for:

  1. Details of Your Organisation
  2. Grounds For Mandatory Exclusion
  3. Economic & Financial Standing
  4. References & Supplier Capability
  5. Additional Capability Questions (if required)

Firms will also be required to complete a declaration that the information provided is correct and that we can carry out financial and reference checks.

For more information read the:

3. Completing the questionnaire

There are two pre-qualification processes, depending on the value of the purchase or contract.

For purchases valued from £0 to £25,000, suppliers must complete a:

For tenders and contracts valued at £25,000 and greater, suppliers must complete the:

If you have any further questions relating to the questionnaires, please contact the officer in charge of that contract.

Upon completion, suppliers should keep a copy of the Supplier Self Certification Form for their records and email a copy to the address on the expressions of interest advertisement.

All business questionnaires submitted will be assessed by the officer in charge of that contract exercise.

4. Electronic procurement

Lambeth Council uses eProcurement for contracts in order to boost efficiency; it involves the use of electronic methods in every stage of the purchasing process and includes:

  • Advertising contracts
  • Managing contracts
  • Evaluating tenders
  • Paying suppliers
  • Reverse auctions - where the lowest bidder wins
  • Dynamic purchasing systems - an open electronic catalogue where prices can be updated without introducing a new tender.

eTendering at Lambeth

Suppliers who have been invited to tender online can access the Lambeth E Tendering Tool. You will need to register on the site first.

Contact us
If you need help with the Lambeth E Tendering tool please email the EU Supply helpdesk on support@eu-supply.com If you have a technical enquiry that is urgent, you can call EU Supply on 0800 840 2050 during office hours; 8am – 5pm.