We want to provide a good quality service for everyone, but things can go wrong. And if they do, we need to know so that we can put them right and learn from them.

Who can use this service

The complaints form can be used for complaints about the council with the following exceptions:

  • Lambeth Living
  • Tenant Management Organisations (TMOs)
  • Adult social care
  • Social care for children
  • Parking - Appeals against Penalty Charge Notices
  • Planning - Appeals against applications and planning enforcement
  • School admissions - appeals against the decision to offer your child a school place
  • Housing Benefit - disputes about your housing benefit entitlement
  • Special Educational Needs - assessments of Special Educational Needs
  • Disabled Blue Badge - appeals against a decision not to award a Blue Badge.

What you need to know...

Before you start:

When making your complaint please tell us as much as you can about your problem, including:

  • what went wrong
  • when it happened
  • who you dealt with
  • how you would like the matter resolved.

Please also include your full contact details - name, address, telephone, email