Complete the form to add your name to the Electoral Register

You must be on the Electoral Register to be able to vote. You can add your name to the register by completing and returning our voter registration form.

Every year, everyone on the electoral register is asked to confirm their details and notify the council of any changes to them.

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Who can use this service

See our guide to elections to find out who can register.

What you need to know...

Monthly Registration Deadlines

If we get your form before Your details will be changed on
Friday 7 February 2014 Monday 17 February 2014
Monday 10 March 2014 Tuesday 1 April 2014
Friday 11 April 2014 Thursday 24 April 2014
Thursday 24 April 2014 Wednesday 7 May 2014
Tuesday 6 May 2014 Thursday 15 May 2014
Friday 9 May 2014 Monday 2 June 2014
Monday 9 June 2014 Tuesday 1 July 2014
Thursday 10 July 2014 Friday 1 August 2014
Friday 8 August 2014 Monday 1 September 2014

Contact electoral services on 020 7926 2254 to find out whether you’re details are already on the electoral register.

Registering Online

Now that the 2014 register has been published it is not possible to register online. You must download and complete the above voter registration form.

Next steps

Once completed, you can scan your form in and email it to: or send it to:

Electoral Services Office
London Borough of Lambeth
Lambeth Town Hall
Brixton Hill