If you own a business or work in Lambeth you can apply for a business parking permit, this includes doctors and teachers.

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Apply for a parking permit online

You can also renew your parking permit online. If you experience any technical difficulties please view our Online Permit Faqs.

Who can use this service

Business parking permit/Business parking permit (all zone)

To apply for a business parking permit:

  • you must have a business in the area the permit is valid
  • your vehicle must be used and insured for business purposes.

All applications must include:

  • a typed letter signed by the Company Secretary (or similar company official) on letterhead
  • a current copy of your NNDR (business rates)
And one of the following:
  • an Inland Revenue Mileage Tax Document
  • a valid Certificate of Insurance

Teachers parking permit

To apply for a teacher parking permit:

  • you must produce a typed letter on letterheaded paper, signed by the Head Teacher or other school official confirming that you are a member of staff
  • a valid Certificate of Insurance

Trader parking permit

Applications for traders permits must be accompanied by either a work order or a quote for work on company headed paper.

Doctors parking permit

To be eligible for a doctor parking permit:

  • you must have a doctor's parking bay assigned to your surgery (the bay number will appear on the parking permit)
All applications must include a:
  • typed letter from the practice on letterhead to confirm permission to use the bay assigned to the surgery
  • valid Certificate of Insurance.

Costs for this service

Business permit - £600 - 12 months
Business permit (all zone) - £1500 - 12 months Teacher permit - £330 - 12 months
Trader permit - £18.75 - one day or book of five tickets £90
Doctor permit - £400 - 12 months

Next steps

After paying by card you will be able to print a two week temporary permit to display on your vehicle (except a doctor's permit). Your permit will then be sent to you in 10 - 14 working days once we have approved the documentation provided.