The closing date for applications for a reception class place at Lambeth primary schools in 2014 has now passed. For those that applied before 15 January 2014, Primary National Offer Day is Wednesday 16 April 2014.

Letters will be sent to both online applicants and those who have completed paper applications on 16 April 2014. In addition to this, online applicants will receive an email (and text if signed up) on evening of 16 April 2014 informing them to log on to the eadmissions portal to view the outcome.

For further advice about the primary transfer 2014/15 admissions process and what to do about the outcome of your application for a place at primary school please see one of the following question and answer sheets:

Download and complete

Primary school common application form 2014/15

Most of the necessary advice regarding offers are in the question and answer sheets. If, after reading the relevant sheet you still have questions, please contact Lambeth School Admissions Team.

Who can use this service

This applies to children born between born between 1 September 2009 and 31 August 2010.

Costs for this service

There is no charge for applying for school admission.

What you need to know...

Paper Common Application Forms can be obtained from and handed in at:

Lambeth Customer Service Centre
Olive Morris House
18 Brixton Hill

Or forms can be posted (with correct postage) to:

Lambeth School Admissions Team
Education Learning and Skills
6th Floor, International House
Canterbury Crescent

Next steps

Late applications

If your child is due to start primary school in September 2014 and you have not submitted a Common Application form for your child before the deadline, you still need to apply. All late applications will need to be made in writing using the paper Common Application Form.

This application will not be processed until after 16 April 2014 when the applicants that applied on time are sent their outcome notifications. After 16 April 2014 Lambeth School Admissions Team will deal with late applications via our post offer process which means that outcome letters will only be sent to families once we are able to inform them of an offer, or that no offer can be made at that time.

How to submit a late application

Before applying please read the Starting primary school in Lambeth 2014/15 booklet and addendum. You can apply using the paper Common Application Form. If you live in a different borough to Lambeth, please apply using your home borough's Common Application Form, even if you are applying for a Lambeth school.

Supplementary information forms

Some schools require a supplementary information form. For details of which Lambeth schools require these, please see the schools pages in the Starting primary school in Lambeth 2014/15 booklet. These forms can be obtained from the respective school and must be completed and returned to the school as required.

Changing your address

If you change address after submitting your Common Application Form, you must notify the Lambeth School Admissions Team as soon as possible as it may effect your application.