Find answers to questions we get asked a lot about on Adult Social Care matters.

Will I have to pay for my care?

View information about paying for care.

My care worker hasn't showed up what do I do?

Contact the agency and ask them where your worker is.

Your agency should be able to confirm when your regular worker will arrive or send someone else, letting you know what time they will be with you.

How to find a care home for my parents?

View information about care homes.

The following web sites also contain information about choosing a care home:

View information about paying for care in a care home.

I would like information on approved providers and about adult social care spend.

If you would like detail about the organisations that we use to provide care and support (our providers), our average domiciliary care rates or what we spend of the provision of adult social care, please click here

Do we have to sell our house to pay for care?

View information about paying for care.

I'm worried about my relative with epilepsy and do not want them to be left on their own.

Most people with epilepsy lead full and active lives.

Your relative’s GP is best placed to consider your relative’s epilepsy and assess their health related needs.

View information about epilepsy on the NHS Choices website.

There may be equipment that can assist them. You may also want to ask their community pharmacist to review their medication.

Our family do not agree on the care for our parents. Can you help?

If your parents are eligible for support from us, we'll attempt to arrange care in the way they want it.

We'll work and consult with the people of their choice.

If your parents don't have the capacity to make decisions for themselves, we'll complete an assessment of capacity and arrange for a best interests decision to be made.

We'll work and consider the views of all relevant parties, when making the best interests decision.

My elderly neighbour is struggling with paying bills. Who can help?

Contact Age UK or the Every Pound Counts advice service may be able to assist.

My neighbour refuses help but clearly needs it. Can the council get involved?

Have you discussed your concerns with your neighbour?

People have the right to decline support from us. If possible, please get consent from the person you are concerned about.

If you want to make a referral with adult social care then email us at or if the situation is urgent, call us on 020 7926 5555.

We'll need to consider the risk that the individual is at and also whether they have capacity to decide on their support needs.

We would offer an assessment to decide what course of action best meets the person’s needs and wishes.

My neighbour owns their house but is not able to arrange repairs needed. Who can help?

Disabled Facilities Grants are available to homeowners, private tenants and housing association tenants.

Any tips on helping neighbours with shopping or giving lifts in exchange for money?

You could discuss online shopping with your neighbour and offer to assist them with this.

Support may be available from the voluntary sector such as Age UK Lambeth, but there may be a charge for this.

You may also be able to assist your neighbour setting up online shopping with a supermarket.

It you charge money from your neighbour for a lift in your car you may be providing a taxi service illegally, and in breach of your insurance.

Can I get a wet floor shower?

To determine this we'll need to consider what:

  • are you not managing in relation to personal care
  • are your health needs that may impact upon you meeting your personal care
  • is your physical ability to manage transfers or complete a full body wash.

Before we recommend or agree the installation of a shower we will require you to try alternative options such as using a bath seat/board or a bath lift etc.

If following an assessment a wet floor shower is recommended, homeowners would need to apply for a disabled facilities grant which is means tested.

If you would like to make a referral for an assessment please email us at or call us on 020 7926 5555.