Be prepared for when you go into and leave hospital and find out what help you can get.

If you're expecting a planned stay in hospital there is advice and information available on the NHS Choices website to help you prepare for going into hospital as well as advice on being discharged from hospital.

Your benefits may be affected. For more information on this visit the Independent Age website.

Leaving hospital

Whether your stay in hospital is planned or not you may need support at home when you return from hospital.

While you're in hospital the ward staff will discuss with you how you will manage on your return home.

If you need a specialist bed, mattress or pressure care this will be arranged through the hospital discharge coordinator.

If you need other equipment to help you manage, the ward staff will refer you to the hospital occupational therapist who will assess your needs and coordinate arrangements to provide any equipment you may need.

You may also be offered short term care (reablement) which will work with you to be as independent as possible.

Once you're home, if you're unable to manage contact us on 020 7926 5555 or your community nurse for advice.