Careline is a personal alarm in your home.

Careline is one name given to a personal emergency or community alarm service that can be fitted in your home. They are sometimes also known as call alarm or pendent alarm.

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1. How does it work?

A speech alarm unit box is installed in your home and connected to a monitoring centre via a telephone line. A pendant is provided that you can wear around your neck or wrist. You may still be able to have an alarm event if you don’t have a telephone line.

In case of emergency you can press the button on the alarm unit or the pendant and speak to someone in the monitoring centre that is open 24 hours to get the help you may need.

2. Who can use personal alarm services?

Lots of people use a personal emergency alarm including;

  • older people
  • people living with disabilities
  • people with sensory needs
  • people with serious medical conditions
  • people who feel under threat
  • people at risk from racial or domestic violence.

The council no longer offers a personal alarm service unless it is provided to you as part of an assessed need for adult social care. Find out more about being eligible at social care and support

If you are not eligible for social care and support you can arrange your own personal emergency alarm service from a number of different organisations.

3. Emergencies

Should an emergency arise, you simply press the button on your pendant or speaker box and our staff will talk to you to arrange assistance.

You'll know that by pushing the Careline button help is on its way.

For example it could be contacting your 'key holders', an ambulance, your GP or a check-up from Careline staff.

4. Getting connected to a personal emergency alarm service

Some of the organisations offering personal alarm services are listed below:

Organisation Telephone
Age UK 0800 023 4138
Careline 0800 101 3333
Lifeline24 0800 999 0400
Telecare24 0800 180 8540
Eldercare 0345 603 4576