Careline is a personal alarm in your home.

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1. Who can use Careline

Lots of different people belong to the Careline community:

  • older people
  • people living with disabilities
  • those with serious medical conditions
  • people who feel under threat
  • those at risk from racial or domestic violence.

There are times when you need someone to watch out for you or a loved one at home. This is where Careline can help.

2. Getting connected

You will receive a speaker box and an alarm pendant. This is connected to our 24 hour control centre in Brixton.

The 24 hour control centre in Brixton is staffed by our friendly professional team seven days a week, who are always there to help you in an emergency.

3. Emergencies

Should an emergency arise, you simply press the button on your pendant or speaker box and our staff will talk to you to arrange assistance.

You'll know that by pushing the Careline button help is on its way.

For example it could be contacting your 'key holders', an ambulance, your GP or a check-up from Careline staff.

4. What you need

To have Careline installed you will need…

  • a telephone socket
  • a standard 13 amp, 3-pin power point within three metres of your telephone socket.

5. Costs

The cost for the service is £15.60 per month if you pay in monthly installments, or £156 for the year if you pay in one go.

This covers:

  • equipment rental
  • installation and maintenance
  • 24-hour monitoring and emergency response.

You can pay for this by standing order, or a paying-in book that can be used at Post Offices, council cashier offices and your own bank.

With Careline you are paying for security and peace of mind in your own home.