We offer advice to help you find out what benefits you're entitled to, and how to access them. You can get free, independent advice from One Lambeth Advice. This service is offered by Citizens Advice.

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You can also phone us on 0800 254 0298 You may qualify for Every Pound Counts - see below to find out.

What you need to know...

One Lambeth Advice

One Lambeth Advice is a free advice service from Citizens Advice Merton and Lambeth. It will help you get the information and advice you need quickly.

One Lambeth Advice can offer information and advice about:

  • Benefits
  • Debt and money
  • Work
  • Housing
  • Goods and services

You can talk to advisers over the phone, using web chat or by email. They will help you work out what you need to do next in your particular circumstances and this may result in:

  • You being directed to another service
  • Information being explained to you
  • An appointment being made for further advice or casework with a member of the Lambeth Advice Network or another agency or service

Every Pound Counts

The Every Pound Counts is a benefit advice service for Lambeth residents who have a serious long term health condition or disability.

The service offers:

  • Advice about benefit entitlements and how to access them

  • Specialist casework support and representation¬†

  • The service does not usually offer form filling but will identify another service who can assist.

The service is for residents who may find it difficult to use mainstream advice services. For information on mainstream services please visit advice agencies in Lambeth

The service can provide advice to professionals and agencies working with vulnerable Lambeth Residents as well as to residents themselves.

Every Pound Counts

Advice line opening times
Tuesday and Thursdays
1pm - 4pm

Telephone: 020 7926 5555
Email: everypoundcounts@lambeth.gov.uk

Examples of health conditions where residents may have difficulties using mainstream advice could include:

  • Serious long term mental health conditions, for example, depression, schizophrenia,
  • Serious physical ill health for example, multiple sclerosis
  • Social and communication disorder, for example, Asperger's syndrome, autism
  • Learning difficulties, for example, down syndrome
  • Cognitive impairment, for example, brain injury, stroke
  • Sensory impairment
  • Caring for a child with significant long term ill health or developmental condition.


Referrals can be made by:

  • Person needing advice
  • Carers - if you, or the person you care for has a serious long term health condition or disability, and are unable to access mainstream services.¬†
  • Social care
  • Health
  • Housing services
  • Organisations supporting vulnerable Lambeth residents

Every Pound Counts referral form

Every Pound Counts consent form

We accept referrals but we may not be able to assist everyone referred to our service. We prioritise those with the most urgent advice needs.

See our benefits advice guide for information and more places to find advice on the benefits you qualify for, and how to access them.

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