Use this form to tell us if you've changed address.

You need to tell us if you have moved:

  • into Lambeth
  • out of Lambeth
  • within Lambeth.

Do it online

What you need to know...

Moving abroad

If you're moving abroad you won't be able to use the change of address form. Instead, email with the following details:

  • the names of people leaving the property
  • your account number
  • the property address
  • the date you leave the property
  • the address you’re moving to.

You also need to tell us if you're:

  • renting the property and the name of the landlord
  • selling the property and who to
  • moving out, but keeping the property.

Next Steps

Your Council Tax bill will arrive by post within three weeks. It will detail your Council Tax account number and monthly installments.

If it does not arrive within this time let us know.