Burial chamber (Streatham)

Image of a burial chamber and the three sections where inscriptions can be added. This burial chamber is only available at:

  • Streatham Cemetery

These elegant burial chambers are extremely practical, set as they are in new developed graveled area, they will always look tidy.

The initial cost includes an exclusive right of burial for 50 years and the first burial.

Built to accommodate two interments, the chambers allow for casket burial, including metal caskets.

Burial rights can be purchased in advance, or even on the same day as the funeral, as no digging is involved.

The cost includes a granite memorial tablet and the first 80 characters for the initial inscription. A photo plaque can be placed, this is currently priced at £184.

On the occasion of the second interment there is no disturbance of the ground or other graves, and the surrounding area instantly returns to normal.


Burial chambers cost £9,644 and this includes:

  • exclusive right of burial for 50 years
  • the first burial
  • three separate areas for inscriptions (see image).

Photo plaques can also be added and cost £184.

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