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Tuesday, 28 May 201911:00 amLambeth CrematoriumM. Patel
Tuesday, 28 May 201911:45 amLambeth CrematoriumP. P. Lopez
Tuesday, 28 May 201912:30 pmLambeth CrematoriumJ. P. Warren
Tuesday, 28 May 201912:30 pmWest Norwood CrematoriumP. M. Brown
Tuesday, 28 May 20191:30 pmLambeth CemeteryM. Mott
Tuesday, 28 May 20192:00 pmLambeth CrematoriumA. V. H. Lee Kim Koon
Tuesday, 28 May 20193:30 pmLambeth CrematoriumE. M. B. Holborm
Wednesday, 29 May 20199:00 amLambeth CrematoriumB. C. Olaru
Wednesday, 29 May 201911:45 amLambeth CrematoriumB. R. Margetts
Wednesday, 29 May 20191:15 pmLambeth CrematoriumB. A. Little


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