Lambeth Borough Plan - our goals for Lambeth

Better-Fairer-Lambeth-Logo Lambeth’s borough plan is a shared endeavour. It is a set of 4 big ambitions and 20 goals that we need to work on to make Lambeth the best place to live and work in London – for people from any background.

Working together

Through partnerships, creative ideas and collaboration we want to work together to improve the lives of people who live and work in the borough.

Where we are now

Lambeth is a borough of huge diversity, energy and possibility. We have long been home to radicals and reformers, entrepreneurs and innovators - people who work together to help change the lives of others and their own. For hundreds of years, we have welcomed new communities who have left a unique cultural imprint on our borough.

We all know that we are now living and working in a volatile and uncertain world, with increasing and changing challenges, budget cuts to services, an unstable economy and the threat of a changing climate. Local areas need to work in new ways, with strength and creativity to tackle these challenges.

Where we want to get to

Through Lambeth First - a partnership between the Council, the NHS, businesses, community groups and charities across the borough - we have brought together feedback from residents and identified four big ambitions and 20 goals to focus our work together over the next two years.

Our approach

There is already a lot of great work happening across the borough, and we are not starting from scratch. That said, we know we won't achieve these things if we carry on working in the same way. As a set of partners we have committed to:

  • collaborate – working together on shared problems – like climate change, mental health, housing and young people’s opportunities - because we know that no one organisation or project can tackle them on our own.

  • tackle inequality – recognising that we have inbuilt inequalities in our society and these need to be addressed head on in everything we do.

  • be transparent – having an open and honest conversation about difficult decisions we need to make, as well as sharing the progress we are making together.

  • deliver value for money – making sure that we understand the impact of the public money we are spending, and make informed decisions about investment.

Read more about our big ambitions for Lambeth and the Borough Plan goals linked to each of these ambitions below. You can also view a PDF summary of the plan and goals.

The Borough Plan was launched at the Lambeth First Borough Conference in October 2019. Lambeth’s community, charity, public and private sector leaders came together to discuss the plan and what we can do in partnership to work on the 20 goals. Find out more about what they discussed and committed to.

We have four big ambitions for Lambeth: