The tables in this section summarise the projects and programmes that are expected to be covered by the TSIP, including those that are contained within this first iteration.

Topic areas are listed alongside the main relevant key principle from the Transport Strategy, although many of these projects cut across different themes.

The scope of the TSIP is broad, with many topics included, not all of which can be covered immediately. We will provide an update on the Brixton Liveable Neighbourhood project in early 2020. Information on further topics will be published as and when it becomes available, with the next tranche of project information expected to coincide with the publication of the borough-wide carbon reduction strategy.

Sections in this guide (click title to view)

1. Sustainable growth programmes

Programme 1st Iteration Notes
Infrastructure Delivery Plan Included in Local Plan consultation in early 2020.
Rail Strategy To cover key priorities for Lambeth, including local elements of Metroisation concept and access improvements
Public Realm Intervention map Interactive map showing all current, committed and planned projects
Brixton Liveable Neighbourhood Project summary, engagement strategy and programme
Major highway schemes Yes Update on major highway schemes in Lambeth

2. Efficient and connected programmes

Programme 1st Iteration Notes
Bus network review To set out key lobbying objectives, based on review of need
Healthy Routes Plan Yes Approach, quality criteria and draft programme for walking and cycling improvements
Low Traffic Neighbourhoods Yes Mapping showing how prioritisation criteria apply across the borough, identification of first tranche, engagement approach
Kerbside policy (parking + enforcement) To set out our approach to allocating and managing kerbside space
Digital Strategy Setting out the council’s role and objectives in delivering improved digital connectivity across the borough
Freight/servicing Setting out approach to reducing freight trips, safer servicing and reducing emissions
Car club strategy How we will develop the car club network in the borough, including the procurement of new services
Cycle Hire How we will develop the cycle hire network in the borough, including the procurement of new services

3. Inclusive and accessible programmes

Programme 1st Iteration Notes
Equality Streets Update on any outstanding agreed actions from the Equality Streets Action Plan
Public Realm design guide Setting out our approach to designing, managing and maintaining streets and public spaces in the borough

4. Active and safe programmes

Programme 1st Iteration Notes
Crime and security Working with stakeholders to identify actions to address crime and security issues relating to transport and travel
Road Danger Reduction Further detail on priority measures to reduce the number of traffic collision related injuries, working towards ‘vision zero’
Cycle parking Setting out our approach to meeting current and future need for cycle parking across the borough
LIP annual spending submission Yes How we plan to invest our annual grant from TfL in 2020/21

5. Carbon neutral and clean air programmes

Programme 1st Iteration Notes
Network Development Plan How we will plan the highway network to meet future needs
Behaviour change Setting out how we will enable people to choose healthy, sustainable travel options and rely less on private cars
Cleaner vehicles Yes Key principles of our approach to providing charging infrastructure for electric vehicles
Borough-wide traffic reduction Scoping work to identify measures to reduce demand for motor traffic e.g. investigating