In October 2019, Lambeth’s community, charity, public and private sector leaders came together for the Lambeth First Borough Conference. The focus of the day was ‘how can we work better together for Lambeth?’ Find out more about what was discussed and what happens next below.

We hosted the conference because we know that we have to collaborate to take on the big challenges we face in Lambeth. Issues like affordable housing, climate change, mental health and opportunities for young people. The conference followed the launch of the Lambeth Borough Plan, which sets out the big issues everyone in Lambeth needs to work on together over the next few years.

The day wasn’t just about sitting and listening to ideas. The task at hand was to choose four challenges facing the borough and develop ideas for how we can work together to tackle them.

The four challenges people worked on were:

  • Housing and community
  • Young people and families
  • Mental health
  • Climate change

There was a real buzz in the room as people from all walks of life shared their ideas and experiences, and most importantly their commitments to collaborate on the challenges that matter to them.

One audience member closed the conference with a rallying call ‘we need to be brave, take risks and make change happen’.

Where next

This conference was just the start. Over the next months there will be a range of opportunities to be involved in so that these ambitions can be turned from ideas into action.

Find out more

Recommendations from the conference workshops

During the Borough Conference, delegates worked together to discuss four key themes - housing, families, mental health and climate change. Find out more about the ideas they shared and the big challenges that came out of each workshop.

Thematic report

The thematic report will bring together the presentations, discussions and debates that made up the core of the conference, all centered on the theme of working together to achieve shared borough goals. The recommendations will be discussed with members of the Lambeth First Partnership Board and Lambeth Council, alongside engagement with wider partners and residents. It will inform shared decisions, activities and plans for achieving the borough goals, with a focus on the goals explored through the workshops. Read the thematic report.

Event evaluation

The event evaluation looks at the conference aims and whether they were achieved, incorporating a range of feedback from delegates and presenters. This will be the starting point for planning next year’s conference so we can be confident that the event will continue to grow its impact and reach. Read the event evaluation.

Conference webpages

See the full conference agenda, plenary videos and speaker information.

Borough goals

Four ambitions and 20 goals for Lambeth that make up the heart of our borough plan.