Brixton Business District Road Safety & Parking Improvements

We are proposing to improve road safety for all road users and provide some additional parking to support the local community in the Brixton Business District.

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As part of the council’s collision reduction programme, we’re proposing to introduce a one-way system on Rushcroft Road and Electric Lane (South) to reduce collisions and make it safer for all road users.

It is also proposed to install a raised speed table at the junction of Coldharbour Lane and Belinda Road to reduce traffic speed. Along with reduced traffic speeds to further improve safety for cyclists on this part of Coldharbour Lane we plan to install a new cycle lane from Shakespeare road to Belinda Road.

To support the local community, we’re proposing to introduce some additional parking spaces on Rushcroft Road, Porden Road, Saltoun Road, Kellett Road and Mervan Road.

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For further detailed information and reasons why we are considering these proposals, you can visit the Brixton Business District project webpage. Please also follow this page for updates.

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