Brixton Central Supplementary Planning Document

This document is designed to promote, guide and control the regeneration of key development sites in Brixton town centre.

In development

The council will prepare a ‘Supplementary Planning Document’ (SPD) in order to promote, guide and control future development at key sites in Brixton town centre.

These sites include council and privately owned land at Canterbury Crescent, Pope’s Road, Brixton Station Road and Valentia Place, which currently home to Pop Brixton, the public Pay & Display and market trader car parks, the former Canterbury Arms Public House, International House, Brixton Rail station, Sports Direct, numerous railway arches, Brixton Station Road and Pope’s Road.

The SPD will provide detailed guidance on delivering the objectives adopted in the Local Plan, Site Allocations 15 and 16, and the emerging Draft Revised Local Plan, including:

  • comprehensive redevelopment of council and privately owned sites
  • new and affordable homes to meeting housing need
  • an increase in the amount of commercial space to boost the local economy
  • major improvements to public spaces along Brixton Station Road and Pope’s Road
  • a refurbished train station with improved access
  • better connections between sites and spaces to create a lively, integrated place

The SPD will be used to determine the submission of planning applications, and is proposed to include guidance on the following:

  • arrangement and distribution of different land uses, including workspace, retail, housing, community, infrastructure and public realm;
  • indicative height, scale, massing and density of new buildings;
  • urban design and architectural principles to be applied to new buildings;
  • indicative location and design of a new station building;
  • relocation of market trader storage;
  • relocation of market trader parking;
  • relocation of market waste compactors;
  • need for retained/relocated public car parking;

The Brixton Central SPD is expected to be developed and consulted on in 2019.

Further details as to consultation and engagement activities will be published in due course.

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