Brixton liveable neighbourhood bid

We are bidding for TfL’s ‘Liveable Neighbourhoods’ funding to improve the Brixton town centre and the surrounding area and help people walk and cycle.


In October 2017 the Council submitted a £3.7m funding bid to TfL’s Liveable Neighbourhoods programme to design and deliver public realm improvements to Atlantic Road and Coldharbour Lane.

While TfL supported many aspects of the concept proposals, which were developed in consultation with a steering group involving the Brixton BID, Brixton Neighbourhood Forum, Brixton Design Trail, Brixton Village and Market Row Traders Federation and Ovalhouse Theatre, the funding bid was unsuccessful because it did not effect change across a wider neighbourhood.

The council is preparing a revised funding bid to support the design and delivery of proposals within the town centre and its surrounding residential neighbourhoods. These proposals will aim to:

  • Create low traffic neighbourhoods and high quality walking and cycling routes that better link Brixton to Herne Hill, Clapham and Loughborough Junction and the wider cycle and public transport network;

  • Involve local community groups and people in the design development;

  • Deliver environmental, traffic management and place-making improvements at key locations, including Atlantic Road, Coldharbour Lane and Brixton Road;

  • Consider the introduction of a Low Emissions Zone for the town centre, including promoting ‘green freight’;

  • Increased permeability of housing estates and new walking and cycling routes directly linking them to town and local centres;

  • Include a range of complementary measures to provide local people with the skills and opportunities to engage with active travel and support behaviour change;

The funding bid will be submitted in November 2018 following engagement with local community groups.


Brixton town centre and the surrounding residential area

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