Clapham Park Estate

Metropolitan Homes are refurbishing and building new homes - 53% of which will be affordable.

In delivery
Approximately £1.6 billion, financed by Metropolitan

Metropolitan first took over the estate of 1,668 homes from Lambeth Council after a ballot of residents in 2005. In consultation with residents and community stakeholders, Metropolitan have sought to create a masterplan for high-quality affordable homes, set within revitalised open spaces, with cleaner and safer streets, better transport, good schools, and a range of community facilities.

Outline planning permission for this overall development was obtained in September 2008. Since then, Metropolitan have refurbished approximately 700 homes and built approximately 500 more. However, to ensure the project remained viable and could still deliver what the community needs, both now and in the future, Metropolitan undertook a review – along with local residents, Lambeth Council and the Greater London Authority. It was following this review that the new detailed planning application was submitted and approved by the council's Planning Applications Committee in March 2018. The application is understood to be the largest fully detailed planning application ever submitted.

On completion, the number of homes on the estate is proposed to increase to 4,077, 53% of which will be affordable – a combination of social and affordable rents, as well as homes for shared ownership and shared equity. There will be extensive improvements to the landscaping, including a new central park and play spaces, a community hub with shops and community facilities, and transport improvements. The project has the potential to create hundreds of new local jobs, both in construction and in the businesses which move into the new retail spaces.

Sustainability has been a key consideration in the design, which includes encouraging sustainable methods of transport by providing extensive cycle parking and new cycle routes, the use of renewable energy (including solar panels), and living roofs to support birds and insect diversity.

The scheme is now awaiting a finalised section 106 agreement and stage 2 referral from the GLA.


The estate covers a 33 hectare area between Brixton, Streatham, Balham and Clapham.

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