A fund aimed at community organisations or project leaders that want to run a creative project for young people in a community context.

ELEVATE is Lambeth’s mission to open up the creative and cultural sector for all young people.

ELEVATE Neighbourhoods is a new strand to ELEVATE’s work and focusses on young people in their communities. Developed in collaboration with the Council’s Youth & Play team it contributes to making Lambeth one of the best places to grow up, where it’s possible to discover a love and talent for creativity and through that grow in confidence and mental wellbeing.

Led by the Elevators, ELEVATE’s youth advisory group, the first project in this strand is looking for community organisations or project leaders that want to run a creative project for young people (outside schools), aged between 14 and 19 in a specific community context.

Those that are interested are asked to:

  • pitch an engaging and creative project concept
  • be prepared to develop it with us to tailor it to ELEVATE’s objectives

Application dates

Applications open on 17 June and close on 20 July 2020 at midday

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Who can use this service

You can apply as a:

  • voluntary or community organisation
  • registered charity
  • constituted community group or club
  • community interest company (CIC)
  • company limited by guarantee (non-profit)
  • project leader set up as a sole trader or if you will be paid through an organisation of the kind listed above
  • partnerships of organisations working together are welcome

You must:

  • be Lambeth based
  • if an organization, have at least two unrelated people on your board / committee
  • have a UK bank account in your organisation’s name (or if a sole trader, in your name)
  • spending must start within 12 weeks of a grant being issued
  • have a UK bank account in your organisation’s name or, if an sole trader, in your name
  • be able to provide annual accounts upon request, or if you’ve been operating for less than 18 months draft accounts and a financial forecast

You must hold (or be working towards) and provide on offer of grant:

  • safeguarding and child protection procedures (including DBS certificates)
  • equal opportunities and diversity policy and procedures
  • staff disciplinary and grievance procedures
  • accidents and serious incidents procedure
  • conflict of interest policy and procedures
  • data protection and information sharing protocol
  • complaints policy

What you need to know...

Grant payments

  • 80% of the grant will be paid on grant award (up-front)
  • 20% of the grant will be paid after satisfactory project completion and reporting
  • evidence of expenditure will be required, which may include payslips, invoices, bank statements, purchase receipts and so on

The following costs are not eligible:

  • costs incurred in the application process or before we issue a grant
  • costs which someone else is already paying for, whether in cash or in kind
  • spending for projects outside of Lambeth
  • any costs not needed to deliver the project
  • funds used to build up a reserve or surplus

The following costs are eligible:

  • salaries of project workers
  • salaries of management staff
  • expenses of project staff and volunteers, including travel and subsistence
  • expenses for project venue
  • expenses for project materials
  • training of staff and volunteers working on the project
  • marketing and publicity for the project

The grant can cover the whole cost of your project or act as match funding for a larger project if the other funding has been secured.

ELEVATE’s objectives

Objective 1: To empower young people with the cultural freedom to shape and define Lambeth’s creative and cultural offer.

Objective 2: To create the conditions in which young people can build personal, social and technical skills, enriching lives and support progression to employment.

Objective 3: To promote best practice to achieve a step-change in the support given to underrepresented young people accessing and working within the creative and cultural sector.

Objective 4: To build local resilience and strategic understanding through innovative cross sector partnerships, strengthening the creative and cultural ecology.

We will invest in seven projects, with up to £7,000 to each. We are seeking applications from organisations or individual project leaders that have not been funded through ELEVATE before and who do not work primarily in an arts and culture context, but operate in a wider community context. The Elevators will assess applications and select the successful seven.

Projects are to be delivered between September 2020 and March 2021.

Outcomes we want the projects to work towards include:

  • lives enriched by engagement in creative activity and contact with creative resources
  • improved skills in:
    • leadership, for example decision making, problem solving and negotiating
    • personal resilience, for example confidence and self-esteem
    • creativity, for example making, producing or facilitating art and/or creative products

Examples of project concepts include but are not limited to:

  • writing workshops to embrace different forms and styles
  • the development of tech skills, such as coding, but related to a creative output
  • the production of 3D/spatial art and design, possibly in a public space

We particularly welcome project concepts which show a clear link and benefit to a Lambeth locality, as well as those which have been worked up with the involvement of young people.

Due to Covid-19 we expect that applications will take account of restrictions placed on human interaction and welcome ideas which embrace new ways of doing things.

Selected projects and their leaders will be invited to form an ELEVATE Neighbourhoods cohort. Before September, Elevators will work with the cohort to ensure alignment of projects to ELEVATE’s objectives. The Elevators will also, where possible and in discussion with grantees, make connections between projects and the wider cultural sector and creative practitioners. Elevators will accompany projects as they are delivered, helping Lambeth Council to monitor impact through regular check-ins. The Elevators will be supported by the Council’s Business, Culture & Investment Team in their work.

In line with ELEVATE’s mission, we want to invest in the provision of services to young people who may not currently have access to creative opportunity, particularly those from groups we know are less well served across the borough: BAME/socio-economically disadvantaged/those at risk of exclusion or not in education, employment and training, children looked after, care leavers and those with special educational needs or disabilities (SEND).