Healthy Route: Brockwell Park to Gipsy Hill

We have developed a range of improvements for walking and cycling along Rosendale Road, as part of our Brockwell Park to Gipsy Hill Healthy Route project and we want your views on our designs.

In development

As part of the Council’s commitments to provide safe and healthy routes for walking and cycling, we’re proposing a range of public realm improvements on Rosendale road. The planned design will provide a new high-quality Healthy Route in the area.

Our proposals include:

The main changes proposed on Rosendale Road with the planned design are:

  • Public realm improvements; with 35 new trees, 21 new benches, 7 new planters, 55 new cycle parking stands and new areas of greening for sustainable drainage.

  • Providing 11 new zebra crossings for pedestrians, 5 with parallel cycling provision, to improve walking and cycling conditions along the road.

  • Approximately 57 informal car parking spaces are being removed along the route and the left turn from Rosendale Road into Turney Road is being banned, to provide the crossing improvements.

  • A new segregated two-way cycle track along Rosendale Road between Brockwell Park and Myton Road. This will be delivered as a mix of stepped cycle track and parking-protected cycle track.

  • Removal of the roundabouts at Rosendale Road/Turney Road and Rosendale Road/Park Hall Road, to improve road safety for cyclists and pedestrians.

  • New blended crossings at all side road junctions beside the cycle track. These will slow down vehicles entering or exiting side roads and encourage vehicles to give way to pedestrians crossing the road. Tactile paving will be provided at all side road crossing points to assist blind or partially sighted pedestrians.

  • New traffic calming along Rosendale Road with speed humps and raised tables at junction to reduce general traffic speeds

There are also changes proposed at the TfL junction of Rosendale Road and Thurlow Park Road:

  • A new segregated two-way cycle track through the junction, which will tie in with the proposed cycle track on Rosendale Road.
  • Two-stage right turns for cycling at the junction, with shared use footways on the south-east corner to accommodate right-turning cycles.

  • To deliver the cycle track at the junction and the other improvements along Rosendale Road, we need to ban the following turning movements at the Rosendale Road and Thurlow Park Road junction:

  • The left and right turn for general traffic from the north arm of Rosendale Road.

  • The right turn for buses from the south arm of Rosendale Road.

You can view plans of the proposed layout below:

  • The overview plan shows a summary of the proposals along the entire route and where parking spaces will have to be removed in order to provide the walking and cycling improvements.

  • The proposed layout plans show the proposals in a bit more detail, e.g. the locations where new seating, planters, and cycle stands are proposed.

View visualisations of our proposed designs below to see what Rosendale Road will look after the scheme has been implemented:

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What is a Healthy Route?

A healthy route links people with places they need to get to, such as schools, workplaces, amenities, and shops. A healthy route is convenient, attractive, feels safe and is accessible to all. A healthy route could be a residential street or a main road or a combination of both, and critically motor traffic levels are low, or on busier roads, there is dedicated space that is not shared with general traffic.

We already have significant levels of walking and cycling in Lambeth but we want to keep making improvements so our streets will be safer, more accessible and more attractive for trips on foot, and deliver significant improvements to make cycling a real option for more people.

Some benefits of Healthy Routes include:

  • Making neighbourhoods where many shorter trips take place better for walking and cycling.
  • Encouraging more children to walk and cycle to school.
  • Fewer people making short trips by car, motor traffic levels will decrease which in turn will lessen congestion, and improve accessibility, safety, air quality and well-being for the whole community creating a more liveable place.
  • Linking neighbourhoods together; new crossings and improved junctions at key locations allow people to get across busy roads that form a barrier to walking and cycling.

Project background

Based on the identified Healthy Route Network and responses to early engagement, we held a public consultation on the preliminary designs in 2016 to find out what you thought. This led to detailed designs being completed the following year and additional consultation with stakeholders and residents. Last year we made significant improvements to the proposals to meet new design standards for cycling schemes released by Transport for London (TfL) in 2018.

We have listened to your feedback throughout this process and would now like to share the current design for improvements on Rosendale Road with you. This reflects the conversations had with the community during the early engagement and your comments on the previous proposals.

For more information on the project history and how we have responded to the feedback received in previous consultations please take a look at our “You Said – We Did” summary below.

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Have your say

We want to know what you think of our plans and you can tell us by completing our survey:

Or come and discuss the designs with us at one of our drop-in sessions:

Session 1
Date: Tuesday 4 February 2020
Time: 6pm to 8pm
Location: Emmanuel Youth & Community Centre, 96 Clive Rd, London SE21 8BU

Session 2
Date: Thursday 13 February 2020
Time: 6pm to 8pm
Location: All Saints West Dulwich Church, Crypt Hall, Lovelace Road, SE21 8JY

You can also take a look at our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) below for more information on the project and proposals.

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The closing date for responses is Saturday 29 February 2020.

What happens next?

Following this public engagement, the proposals will be progressed to the detailed design stage. There may be some minor changes required to the designs at this stage, e.g. as a result of utilities equipment in the ground. You will have the opportunity to comment on the final proposals as part of our statutory consultation process later this year.

A summary of the stages remaining for the delivery of this project and the current timescales is below;

  • Detailed design – spring 2020
  • Statutory consultation and traffic orders – summer 2020
  • Delivery- from autumn 2020

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