Myatt's Field North (Phase 3)

Highway, footway, streetscape and street lighting improvements to the Myatts Field North Estate to bring the carriageway up to the Council Highways Department standards.

In delivery
£517,000 secured through the PFI Settlement Agreement

The completed highway layout will then allow for the implementation of traffic controls in either the form of extending the controlled parking zone or residents parking zone. This will see:

*To upgrade the roads and footways within the Phase 3 refurbishment area to an acceptable council standard. *For the council to formally adopt Elliott Road, Cromwell Road east of Henry Road, Navarre Road, Winterslow Road and Fitzpatrick Road *The council to exert control over the upgraded Phase 3 roads as part of the larger Vassal Car Parking Zone (CPZ) *To enhance the Myatt’s Field North community/neighbourhood in terms of quality environment and personal safety.


Elliot Road, Cromwell Road (east of Henry Road), Navarre Road, Winterslow Road and Fairbairn Green
Myatts Field North, SW9 7BJ

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