Oasis Academy Johanna Feasibility Assessment

A study of the redevelopment potential of Oasis Academy Johanna primary school.

In development

In May 2017 Lambeth Council and Oasis Community Learning commissioned David Morley Architects to explore the redevelopment potential of the Oasis Academy Johanna primary school.

Working under a Memorandum of Understanding, DMA were guided by three jointly agreed strategic objectives:

  1. To promote inclusive growth for Lambeth residents that improves living standards and conditions through high quality of education, housing and employment opportunities.

  2. To create a strong and sustainable neighbourhood that promotes cohesion and sensitively integrates with its physical environment and existing Waterloo community.

  3. To promote equality that positively affects health, wellbeing and life chances of existing and future Lambeth residents.


The site is located 100m to the south of Waterloo Station, geographically at the absolute centre of London!

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