South Lambeth Estate 

South Lambeth estate is among six estates included in the borough’s Estate Regeneration programme which will build better homes for current resident and more homes for those waiting the councils housing lists.

In development

The application set out full details of the plans to build 362 new homes on the estate, including:

  • 51 brand-new replacement homes for existing secure tenants on the estate
  • An additional 34 genuinely affordable homes rented at our tenancy strategy rent levels
  • 20 homes for existing resident homeowners

These brand-new, high-quality homes will be far larger than the existing homes on the estate and will ensure that residents can enjoy a warm, safe and dry home fit for the present day.

Under the Key Guarantees every current secure council tenant living on these estates will be able to move into a brand-new home at council-level rent on the rebuilt South Lambeth estate. In addition, there are affordable options for resident leaseholders to help them to stay on the estate.

The outline element proposes the replacement of four blocks of 101 homes and the construction of five blocks to provide 362 new dwellings, plus retail/commercial floorspace. The existing Wimborne House would be retained, with extensions and conversions at ground floor level. The proposals also include comprehensive re landscaping and alterations to highways and parking layouts. The scheme would also deliver new and improved open space and public realm, as well as new central play area.


South Lambeth Estate, Dorset Road, London SW8 1AH

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