Transformation of Vauxhall Cross transport interchange

The council has been working in partnership with Transport for London (TfL) to deliver a £50m public investment at Vauxhall to radically transform the interchange and public realm environment.

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The council is contributing £12.8m towards the costs of the £50m scheme

Vauxhall is the gateway to one of Europe’s largest regeneration areas, with 25,000 new jobs and 20,000 new homes coming to the Opportunity Area, of which 8,000 and 3,500 are planned for Vauxhall respectively. If Vauxhall is to become a sustainable and thriving district centre, it requires a modern interchange that can accommodate the significant increase in the numbers of people living, working, and visiting.

Vauxhall is dominated by traffic, caused by the wide one-way roads of the gyratory that encourage high speeds, especially outside peak hours. Vauxhall is also at the convergence of six strategic roads. This makes the environment very intimating for pedestrians and cyclists and discriminates against less ambulant pedestrians in particular. This type of environment lessens the potential for dwell time in the area; consequently existing business and shops fail meet their true economic potential through customer spend.

Large numbers of pedestrians pass through Vauxhall each day but the existing crossings do not always follow the most direct or popular routes, which can lead to dangerous and ad-hoc pedestrian movements on the carriageway away from the crossings. This has led to some of the highest numbers of collisions, involving injury to pedestrians and cyclists, in London. To overcome these challenges, and thereby support Vauxhall’s transformation into a new district centre with enlarged and enhanced areas of public realm improved links via the viaduct and to the riverside, the following package of major transport improvements are proposed by TfL and supported by the council:

  • Replace the existing one-way road system around the transport interchange (Parry Street, Wandsworth Road, Kennington Lane, South Lambeth Road) with a two-way road system
  • Provide twelve new or upgraded signalised pedestrian crossings – one of which will increase the accessibility of the area by replacing a footbridge over Kennington Lane
  • Better connected cycle routes with better crossings as well as segregated lanes
  • More cycle parking to encourage visitors to the area
  • A new pedestrianised public square outside the rail station, similar in size Windrush Square in Brixton that will significantly improve interchange between the bus, rail and underground stations
  • Widened pavements along Albert Embankment, South Lambeth Road and Bondway
  • A new bus station and canopy with all bus stops grouped by destination leading to an overall reduction in bus journey times
Explanation of the project 
Explanation of the project 


The transport interchange at Vauxhall Cross, including the bus station, Vauxhall Underground, Vauxhall Rail Station and the surrounding highways

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