About air quality in Lambeth

Find out what the main sources of air pollution are in our Borough and what air pollution is like today.

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What is air pollution?

Air pollution is the presence of substances (pollutants) in the air that have harmful effects on humans. Nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and particulate matter (PM) are among the most dangerous pollutants. Air pollution may not be visible but it can kill. In the short term, it causes people with asthma, respiratory and heart diseases to feel worse. Long term exposure to air pollution is now known to cause medical conditions such as lung cancer, type 2 diabetes, and heart and lung diseases. Nearly 9,500 Londoners die each year from exposure to air pollution. In Lambeth in 2013 air pollution contributed to 400 emergency admissions for lung disease and 351 emergency admissions for heart disease

Source: Health Burden Attributable to air pollution in Lambeth – final report (2016) LSE Msc & Public Health (unpublished)

What is air pollution like today?

We are continuously monitoring air quality through three air quality monitoring stations in Lambeth. View the latest air quality data from our monitoring stations. We also have diffusion tubes throughout the borough. Check our Air Quality Annual Status Report for the latest data. You can also subscribe to AirText to be alerted prior to high pollution episodes in Lambeth, and check the pollution forecast in your area.

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