Anti-idling campaign

We are part of the Mayor’s Air Quality Funded Idling Action Project and we deliver regular anti-idling events across Lambeth.

Lambeth sustainability team wearing anti idling vests are joined by various staff, residents and partners
Project status: In delivery Neighbourhood: Lambeth wide

Idling is a needless act that contributes to air pollution. An idling engine can produce up to twice as many emissions as an engine in motion. As part of our 2017-2022 Air Quality Action Plan, we are committed to raising awareness of idling and reducing emissions from idling.

We are part of the Idling Action Project. Along with other London Councils, we are educating people about the dangerous pollution from idling, and we are running regular events to reduce this unnecessary source of pollution.

Anti-idling events in schools

Since the beginning of 2019, the Sustainability Team have been running a series of successful anti-idling events in schools across the borough, engaging 10 schools and 270 children. We are planning more events for the next Academic year.

During the anti-idling event, we discuss the impact of idling with children, and we inspire them to reduce air pollution by playing a giant snakes and ladders game. We also discuss clean air, climate change and sustainable modes of transport. At pick-up time, Sustainability Officers and school staff talk to parents about clean air and encourage idling vehicles around the school to switch off when stationary.

Events with the local community

We run events in partnership with businesses and organisations. During the event, volunteers and Lambeth Officers walk around idling hotspots, talk with drivers that are idling and stationary and ask them to switch off. Volunteers are trained on how to approach vehicles safely, and the Sustainability Team give them flyers to hand to the drivers, as well as high-visibility vests.

Get involved! We can only improve Lambeth’s air quality by working together and playing our part. If your school, business or organisation is interested in running an anti-idling event, or if you are an individual that would like to participate in our events, please email

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