Lambeth register office are able to provide you with birth certificates dating from 1940 to the present day.

All pre-booked appointments and ceremonies except death registrations are now cancelled with immediate effect. Our certificate production department is also closed. This is due to Government guidance on containing the spread of coronavirus.

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Costs for this service


Please do not arrive to collect your certificate before the due date as the certificate will not be ready for you to pick up.


All certificates will be posted out in a C5 envelope, which will require them to be folded in half. Folding a certificate does not invalidate it.

Service fees for one certificate copy

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If you order more than one copy of an individual register entry, the additional copies will be charged at an additional £11 per copy.

What you need to know

A full birth certificate contains all the information recorded in the original birth register, including the mother and father's details (where recorded). This certificate is required for official purposes such as passport and driving licence applications, and for many insurance, employment, pension and salary requirements. Birth certificates are not evidence of identity.

If a person was adopted, the original birth certificate can no longer be used for official use, such as a passport application. To obtain the legal birth/adoption record contact the General Register Office on 0300 123 1837.

If we can't issue a certificate

We won't be able to issue a copy certificate if we don't hold the record you're looking for or can't trace it from the information you provide.

  • Please try to provide as much information as possible so that we can try to locate your record.

  • The initial £11 charge for this service is to locate the certificate. This fee is redeemable against the certificate if it is found. If we're unable to find your certificate you won't receive a refund for the £11 as this covers the cost of our search.

  • We'll refund any express payments, postage, and any additional payments you have made on top of the initial £11 fee for any extra copies of the certificate you may have ordered.

  • If we can't issue the certificate we would recommend that you contact The General Register Office (GRO), where the records are held of births, marriages and deaths registered in England and Wales since 1 July 1837.