Lambeth Register Office provides a nationality checking service that makes applying for British citizenship simpler. An appointment will be necessary and all applicants over 18 must attend in person.

Do it by phone

020 7926 9441
Citizenship team

Call us for more information or to book an appointment with the Nationality Checking Service.

Office opening hours: 9am to 4pm

Full payment needs to be made at the time the appointment is booked - please have your debit or credit card with you when you phone.

Who can use this service

Anyone who is applying for British citizenship can use this service even if you don't live in Lambeth.

You will need to provide the correct documentation (see "Next Steps" below).

Costs for this service

The fee for the checking service is currently:

  • £60 per adult application
  • £60 per child application

Full payment needs to be made at the time the appointment is booked, and payment is taken by debit or credit card (except for American Express).

Once your appointment has been booked your fee will not be refunded. You can change your appointment up to 48 hours before your appointment is due to start.

What you need to know...

The aim of this service is to help reduce unnecessary delays in the process of applying for British Citizenship by ensuring that your application meets the guidelines set by the Home Office.

The benefits of using this service:

  • application forms will be checked for completeness and accuracy
  • most important documents can be kept by the applicant
  • all applications are sent to the Home Office by secure registered post
  • applications that are accurate and complete tend to be handled quickly and without further enquiry.

The Home Office Immigration and Nationality Directorate deals with each application on its own merit and it cannot be guaranteed that the Home Office will approve an application that has been checked using this service.

The Home Office reserves the right to request further documentation/proof at any time during the course of the application. Failure to disclose information will affect your application and may result in it being rejected.

Next Steps

Bring the following to your Nationality Checking Service appointment:

  • a completed application form for British nationality. Forms can be downloaded from the GOV.UK website - citizenship documents
  • all relevant documents that you are required to produce (as indicated in the application form)
  • the correct fee for the Home Office (as indicated in the application form). The fee for the Home Office is compulsory and must be paid by either credit card, debit card or a cheque.

You will also need to bring:

  • your Life in the UK test certificate and (unless you come from a majority English-speaking country)
  • proof of your knowledge of the English language. You can prove it by having either an English qualification at B1 level, or a degree taught or researched in English.

Please check your English qualification or degree fully meets requirements by visiting the GOV.UK website - Prove your knowledge of English for citizenship and settling

Approval of your application

If the Home Office approves your application for British citizenship they will write to you and send you an invitation letter, which will tell you who you need to contact to book your Citizenship Ceremony.