We have records of burials and cremations carried out at the cemeteries and crematoria owned by Lambeth Council.

The records for West Norwood Cemetery and Crematorium are held at the West Norwood Cemetery Office. The records for Lambeth Cemetery and Crematorium, and Streatham Cemetery, are held at Streatham Cemetery Office.

Current legislation prevents individual access by members of the general public to our Cremation Records. We are able to confirm or otherwise if a person has been cremated at either of our crematoria (West Norwood or Lambeth).

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1. Ways to search

To make an appointment to come and see burial records, contact:

You can make personal searches of the Burial Registers between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday by appointment only.

Where a personal visit is not possible, the cemetery staff can carry out the search for you.

You will need to submit the details of the deceased (full name and year of death), in writing to bereavementservices@lambeth.gov.uk, enclosing a cheque for £51 for up to 10 names. The cost for an individual search for one name is £7.50.

2. Lambeth Archives

Lambeth Archives hold records for the borough and is free of charge.

A paid search service is offered for people who are unable to visit in person.

Visit the Lambeth Archives page for more information.

3. Cost

This service costs £51 for up to 10 names and payment can be made via cheque or postal order, made payable to ‘London Borough of Lambeth’.

The cost for an individual search for one name is currently set at £7.50.

4. Historical records

We hold the following records of burials and cremations:

  • Lambeth Cemetery - from 1854
  • Lambeth Crematorium - from 1958
  • Norwood Cemetery - from 1837
  • Norwood Crematorium - from 1915
  • Streatham Cemetery - from 1893

The Burial Registers are held at their respective cemetery office, with the exception of Streatham Cemetery whose records are held at Lambeth Cemetery Office.