The council carries out a wide range of duties that are aimed at protecting consumers and helping responsible businesses to profit.

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1. Business advice and inspection

We regularly inspect shops and businesses in Lambeth - everything from estate agents and garages to Internet companies and theatres - to ensure their trading practices, advertising and pricing comply with the law.


If local businesses are not operating within the rules we can take legal action.

To help ensure that the public can be confident about the goods and services they buy in Lambeth, we also advise local businesses on complying with consumer law.

You can find more advice for businesses on the Everything regulation website

What you can do to help

The trading community can always approach us with individual problems or larger marketplace issues that they need assistance to resolve.

Members of the public can complain to us if they encounter unlawful business practice. Make a consumer complaint

2. Trading Standards - No Cold Calling Zones

Our Trading Standards team have worked with residents to designate a number of areas in Lambeth as No Cold Calling Zones (NCCZ).

A NCCZ is an area where residents have stated they do not wish to receive unsolicited visits (cold calls) to their homes.

Why have we set up NCCZs?

NCCZs are primarily intended to act as a deterrent to rogue traders and distraction burglars. They are a declaration to those involved in cold calling that residents will report suspect activities to Trading Standards.

If you are having building or repair work done and you were not given any paperwork explaining your cancellation rights before the work started, you can report your concerns to us and we will investigate.

Which streets in Lambeth are in a NCCZ?

If you are a business calling door-to-door in Lambeth you can check which areas are in the NCCZ zone on the NCCZ maps:

Report cold calling in a NCCZ

If you live in an NCCZ, and are approached at your doorstep you can report the matter to us.

Can my street become a NCCZ?

If you would like your street to be designated a No Cold Calling Zone, you need to form a Neighbourhood Watch before your NCCZ requirements can be considered. Once your street is a Neighbourhood Watch, you can contact us to discuss the possibilities of becoming a NCCZ.

If you are interested in finding out more, read our NCCZ questions document.

3. Product safety

Our Trading Standards service has an important role in supporting and advising businesses, as well as cracking down on unsafe products and unscrupulous traders. We also give you access to safety warnings and safety advice sheets.

We can respond to your complaints if, for example, you have bought potentially dangerous goods or toys. See Make a consumer complaint for more on how we deal with complaints.

4. Weights and measures

Part of our job is to ensure that you receive the correct amount of products that you buy. On our inspections we check a variety of weighing and measuring equipment to ensure that it is fair and legal.

Testing services

We provide a limited testing and verification service for some weighing and measuring equipment, for example: petrol pumps, traders' scales and brake testers. Our service does not include the verification of traders' weights or capacity measures.

5. Contact Trading Standards

Trading Standards
1-9 Acre Lane
Telephone: 03454 04 05 06 (National Consumer Helpline)
020 7926 5000 (Advice for Lambeth businesses)