How would your business cope in a crisis? Do you have plan to recover if anything happens? Or are you just leaving it to luck?

Preparing for your Business, please visit Mayor of London preparing for your Business.

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1. What is Business Continuity Management (BCM)?

Business continuity management is the practice of looking and seeing what risks there are to your business and then planning to make sure the business can continue to operate and return to normal if the unexpected happens.

Some insurance companies are setting their level of business interruption premiums according to the speed at which an organisation is able to resume business. Several large businesses are starting to insist on suppliers having robust business continuity management processes in place before they will trade with them.

Despite recent high-profile threats to businesses hitting the news - from terrorist attacks, extreme weather, petrol blockades, fires and trade disputes - research has found that the UK's small and medium-sized enterprises are gambling on their futures by not having these plans in place.

2. Business Continuity Plan (BCP)

The Business Continuity Plan is designed to help prepare your business to cope with the effects of an emergency or crisis. It would also provide the basis for a relatively quick and painless return to 'business as usual' regardless of the cause.

There are five steps to take: * analyse your business * assess the risks * plan and prepare * share your plan * test your plan

3. Useful resources

London Prepared On this website you'll find:

  • Business continuity plans rehearsal
  • Contingencies planning generic instructions
  • Emergency pack
  • Recovery plan for small and medium-sized enterprises
  • Risk assessment diagram
  • Risk rating matrix
  • Staff contact tree diagram
  • Ten minute assessment
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Please visit The Business Continuity Institute which is the world’s leading institute for business continuity.

Preparing for your Business, please visit Mayor of London preparing for your Business

4. Schools Business Continuity Management Plan

The aim of the Schools Business Continuity Management Plan (SBCMP) is to help staff respond effectively to an emergency at school. The SBCMP should cover procedures for incidents occurring during and outside school hours - including extended services, such as breakfast clubs, after-school clubs and holiday activities.

The SBCMP should be generic enough to cover a range of potential incidents that could occur, including:

  • serious injury to a pupil or member of staff
  • significant damage to school property
  • criminal activity
  • severe weather
  • public health incidents
  • the effects of a disaster in the local community

The planning process

Preparing for emergencies is an ongoing process involving:

  • risk assessment
  • planning
  • training
  • exercises
  • reviewing

Throughout each stage of this process it is important to consult Staff and Governors to gain their involvement and support.

Schools Business Continuity Management Template and Guidance

Whether you adopt the council’s template or choose to use your own, you can use the Explanatory Note and Overview to develop appropriate arrangements for your school.

Further information is available on the School Services website.