If you are a members club you can apply for a club premises certificate to be able to supply alcohol and regulated entertainment.

A certificate can authorise a club to carry on a combination of the following activities:

  • the supply of alcohol by the club to club members
  • the sale of alcohol by the club to guests of members
  • the provision of regulated entertainment (including plays, films, certain types of sports, music and dancing)
  • the provision of entertainment facilities.

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Costs for this service

Club premises certificate application fees are dependent upon the non-domestic rateable value of the premises. This value, which is also used to calculate business rates, can be found through the VOA search engine. Premises that do not have a rateable value (such as schools, church halls, open spaces or residential properties) automatically fall into the lowest fee band.

Payment options

If you complete your application online, you will be directed to the online payment portal.

If you complete a paper application you have these payment options:

When you are on the payment portal, choose 'premises licensing' on the left. You will need to attach a payment receipt to your application and submit your documents to the Lambeth Licensing department. We will not accept applications without this proof of payment.

Kiosk payments can be made by cash, cheque, credit card or debit card.

What you need to know...

More information about club premises certificates, along with forms to apply to change and transfer premises licences, is in the Club premises certificates - guide page.