If a large group of children are performing, a “Body of Persons Approval” (aka. BOP, BOPA or BOPe) may be required.

Organisations that are usually required to individually license any children taking part in performances can apply for a Body of Persons Approval, which will allow children to take part in performances without individual licences being applied for.

This type of exemption is designed to facilitate large numbers of children (20 or above), and to help reduce the paperwork required for a child performance (entertainment) application. The application must be made to the Local Authority of where the performance is taking place.

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Who can use this service

Organisations putting on non professional or amateur productions, such as amateur dramatic societies, operatic societies and dance schools who would normally have to licence the children taking part in a performance can apply for the approval.

The application must be received from the chair or leader of the organisation and seconded by another adult group member. If any of these people change during the time of the licence’s validity, we must be informed as soon as possible. An individual person cannot apply.

The term amateur is defined as where no adult or child performer or person on behalf of the child performer in a performance, receives payment.

In order for an organisation to be able to apply for a Body of Persons licence exemption the following criteria must be met:

  • all rehearsals and performances must take place in the area covered by Lambeth. If any rehearsals or performances are taking place in other counties, those local authorities must also be approached
  • children must not require time off school to take part in either rehearsals or performances
  • a child or other person on behalf of the child, must not receive payment for their part in the rehearsal or performance
  • the applicant cannot act as a chaperone either for the rehearsal or performance
  • the applicant must agree to abide by the terms and conditions laid out in the 'Contract of Agreement'. (The Children (Performances) Regulations 2014)
  • the application must be accompanied with the 'Contract of Agreement' and the 'Child and Chaperone Details Spreadsheet'
  • the organisation must have a completed child safeguarding policy and provide a copy with their application
  • the organisation has a dedicated Child Welfare (Safeguarding) Officer
  • the organisation keeps detailed and complete records of children involved with the group, including emergency contact details
  • the ratio of DBS checked members of staff (as approved by the applicant) to licenced chaperones must not exceed 10:1
  • the ratio of children to a licensed chaperone, or DBS checked member of staff (as approved by the applicant) must not exceed 12:1
  • the organisation must maintain an ongoing (updated) list of registered chaperones that meet the demands of the numbers of children likely to be engaged in their productions.

Costs for this service

There is no charge for this service.

What you need to know...

Fully completed applications for a body of persons approval form must be submitted at least 21 days before the first performance is due to take place, together with all the required documentation.

Next Steps

Once you have completed the form, please send it to:

Child Employment Team
London Borough of Lambeth
PO Box 734
S023 5DG
020 7926 9503