The licence holder of licensed premises must apply for a gaming machine permit if they wish to operate three or more gaming machines on the premises.

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Who can use this service

  • The premises are licensed to supply alcohol, for consumption on those premises.
  • The premises contain a bar.
  • The premises are not subject to any licence conditions limiting the supply of alcohol to people having meals on the premises.

Gaming machines are categorised according to how much they cost to use and the maximum prize available.

The permit allows three or more gaming machines from categories C and D to be available for use. Please see our gaming machine categories information sheet for details of the maximum charges and prizes applicable to these categories.

Costs for this service

The completed application form should be sent to us, together with payment of £50.

What you need to know...

For more information on gaming machine permits, along with permits for fewer than three machines and permits for members clubs, please see the Gaming machine permits - guide.