A Personal Licence allows an individual to authorise sales of alcohol from premises with an appropriate Premises Licence.

Do it online (external site)

This action is completed on another site (www.gov.uk). Press the button to go to the start of the process.

Who can use this service

Personal Licence applications can only be made by people who have successfully completed an accredited qualification. Five courses are currently accredited:

Costs for this service

There is an application fee of £37 to register to sell alcohol. Please include payment with your application form, cheques are made payable to the London Borough of Lambeth.

What you need to know...

Before sending your application to us, please ensure you have enclosed the following:

  • payment of the application fee (£37), cheques are made payable to the London Borough of Lambeth
  • two passport photos, one of which has been endorsed (by a solicitor, notary, a person of standing in the community or an individual with a professional qualification) with a statement that the photo is a true likeness of the applicant
  • the certificate issued after passing the accredited training course
  • a completed Disclosure of Criminal Convictions form
  • a criminal record certificate, issued within the last month, such as a Basic Disclosure or a Subject Access Search of the Police National Computer.

Next Steps

A Personal licence can be used anywhere in England or Wales - it is not necessary (nor permitted by law) to obtain licences from every local authority in whose area you intend to work. Scotland has separate licensing laws, and English personal licences are not valid for use in Scotland (and vice versa).

Send your completed form to:

Licensing Section
3rd Floor Civic Centre
6 Brixton Hill

If you change your name or address when you hold a personal licence you must let us know. You can use the Personal licence change of name or address form for this purpose.