We issue licences to skip companies to deposit skips on public highways. Only skip companies can obtain licences and all skip applications must be submitted by the skip company who intends to deposit the skip.

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Who can use this service

If you are hiring a skip, the skip company will complete the application, take payment for the licence fee, in addition to the fee for the hire of the skip, and deal with the skip licensing department on your behalf (they may make an additional charge to cover their administration for this).

If you are a skip company and intend to apply for licences on behalf of clients you will need to take note of the following information.

Any skip company wishing to be considered for the invoicing scheme should apply with their request submitted on company headed paper to:

Skip Licensing
London Borough of Lambeth
PO BOX 734
SO23 5DG

Costs for this service

We currently operate a system whereby skip companies can either pay in advance for skip licences via debit / credit card, by cheque or receive an invoice on a monthly basis detailing the details of all skip licences acquired within any given month. All cheques should be made payable to 'London Borough of Lambeth'.

Location of skip Application fee
On a road with no line markings £44.00
On a road with a single yellow line £60.00
In a (suspended) parking bay £60.00
On a traffic sensitive road £60.00

What you need to know...

You can also send us a paper application form. See Highways licences - application forms

In order to qualify for invoicing you will need to contact the skip licensing department and request a skip contract.

Your details will be taken and a contract will be sent for you to sign and return.

In addition to the contract details information of traffic sensitive and Transport for London roads and how customers should deal with skips that are to be deposited in parking bays will be enclosed.

We expect you, as the skip company, to obtain the correct details and ensure the customer has completed any necessary action they need to take to ensure that the area where the skip is to be deposited has all of the appropriate suspensions etc.

Under the new skip licensing system, the council will take enforcement action against skip companies who deposit skips within the borough without the appropriate licence(s) or suspensions. Please note that we do not permit wait and load.