Anyone wishing offer massage and other treatments at premises within the borough needs to hold a licence. Special treatments include UV tanning, sauna, manicure, pedicure, electrolysis, cosmetic piercing, acupuncture and tattooing.

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Costs for this service

Costs for treatment licences vary depending on the type of treatment. Annual fees for 2017/18:

Fees for grant and renewal of licences

Licence Cost
Tattooing and/or body piercing £750
All other treatments including massage, sauna, nail, beauty, water, electrical and like treatments £447

Fees for transfer and variation of 1991 Act licences

Item Cost
Transfer licensee or alter person in control other than licensee £203
Duplicate licence £90
One day event £224

Licence variation fees for practitioner (during licence period)

Item Cost
Add a new practitioner £62 (fee of £11.25 included for new badge)
New treatment to be offered on the premises £50 (this fee applies if the treatment falls in an already licensed category - see above)
Badge amendment (add this fee for each new badge) £11.25
Badge renewal £11.25

What you need to know...

The licence must cover the premises and all persons offering treatments. To carry out treatments without a current licence is illegal.

If your premises held a massage or special treatment licence or a cosmetic skin piercing registration under previous legislation you must still have an annual licence under the 1991 Act.