Any venue used for a wedding, civil marriages and the registration of civil partnerships must be approved by Lambeth Council.

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Who can use this service

Only permanent enclosed structures of at least one room, or vessels which are permanently moored, can be approved as venues for marriage and civil partnership proceedings.

Costs for this service

Our fees for marriage/civil partnership venues, are:

  • application for approval of premises £998
  • renewal of approval of premises £998
  • review of committee decision £134.

What you need to know...

The following list must apply to your venue for you to be able to host marriage and civil partnership ceremonies:

  • the premises must be a seemly and dignified venue for the proceedings
  • the premises must be regularly available for use for marriage and civil partnership ceremonies
  • the premises must have the benefit of such fire precautions as may reasonably be required, and such other reasonable provision for the health and safety of persons employed in or visiting the premises
  • the premises must have no recent or continuing connection with any religion or religious practice that would be incompatible with its use as a venue for civil marriage and civil partnership proceedings
  • the room or rooms in which the proceedings are to take place must not be approved already as part of a register office
  • the room or rooms in which the proceedings are to take place must be identifiable by description as a distinct part of the premises.

We will also expect venues seeking approval to offer suitable toilets, as well as facilities to assist disabled persons to access the premises.

Next Steps

Once we receive your application our licensing officers will arrange to inspect your premises. This inspection will include checks of the fire precautions and safety provisions, and any associated paperwork (inspection certificates, test logs, etc).

You will also be required to advertise your application by placing a public notice in a local newspaper or similar publication.

Objections to an application for approval of a venue may be made by any person within 21 days of publication of the public notice in a newspaper.