You’ll need a zoo licence if you will be displaying wild animals to the public for at least seven days a year, in any place that’s not a circus or pet shop.

Do it by email

Costs for this service

A Zoo licence costs £7,500. The licence will run for an initial period of four years and every six years thereafter. Secretary of State appointed inspectors fees will also apply. All fees must be paid in full prior to the issue of a zoo licence.

Next Steps

You must write to your council at least two months notice before applying.

You must give details about:

  • where the zoo will be
  • what kind of animals you’re going to keep and how many
  • how you’ll house and care for the animals
  • staff numbers and what they’ll be doing
  • expected visitor and vehicle numbers
  • zoo entrance and exit points
  • how you’ll meet the conservation conditions

Your must also:

  • publish notice that you’re intending to apply in at least 1 local and 1 national newspaper
  • display the notice at the planned zoo site
  • send a copy to the council

You send this to email address above or by post to:

London Borough of Lambeth Animal Welfare Services
London Borough of Lambeth
Grimebusters and Pest Control
26 Wanless Road
SE24 0HW