Whilst on location for a performance, children must be in the care of either their parent or a licenced chaperone.

If you live in Lambeth and want to become a chaperone you must complete a chaperone application form.

Download and complete

Who can use this service

Chaperones are adults aged 18 and above, who have been trained and licensed by the authority in which they live.

Only Lambeth residents can apply to become chaperones through us. If you live in another borough and wish to become a chaperone, you'll need to apply through that council.

Costs for this service

£71.50 for a chaperone enhanced DBS check for the licence.

What you need to know...

Step by step guide to apply for a Chaperone Licence

  1. Download and complete the application.

  2. Once completed please send to the Child Employment Team with a signed copy of the 'Conditions of a Chaperone Licence' together with a passport style photos. Once your completed form has been received, we will contact you to invite you to an interview. The application form can be sent to Lambeth Child Employment Team, deatils at the bottom of this page.

  3. Interview - the interview panel will comprise of Child Employment Officers or a senior member of staff. The interview will be to find out whether the applicant undertsands the regulations and roles of a chaperone. This stage is not a pass or fail in its entirety; however this will count towards the final result. You will be required to bring two proofs of identification, one of which should be a picture ID. Please note that this stage is not required if you are renewing an exisiting Lambeth licence.

  4. Receipt of clear Disclosure Barring Service (DBS) enhanced certificate - if you are successful at the interview stage we will contact you with details of how to submit your DBS application form. Once you receive your disclosure you must submit a copy to Lambeth Child Employment Team within five working days. If you are signed up for the enhanced DBS Update Service, the details of this need to be forwared to the team, together with reference number.

  5. References - Lambeth Child Employment Team must receive two satisfactory references. One should preferably be from a current employer. If successful at the interview stage, we will contact your referees for a reference.

  6. Lambeth Child Employment Team will use all of the above to determine whether you are a suitable candidate for chaperone.

  7. Complete the chaperone and safeguarding training - this training will ensure that you have a full understanding of child employment regulations as well as your safeguarding responsibilities.

  8. Upon completion of the training, chaperones will receive a certificate and a licence to chaperone.

Once you are licenced

The Chaperone Licence will last for three years from the date of issue.

Once licenced you will be able to act as chaperone however Lambeth Child Employment Team reserves the right to revoke licences, place conditions under which a licence is valid or contact you in regards to additional training if we deem it necessary.

Renewing a Chaperone Licence

If you wish to renew an existing licence you will need to apply six months prior to the expiry date. The application process will start again and you may be required to attend further training.

If you move to another borough the licence will become void. You will need to contact your new local authority to obtain a new licence.

If any of your details change you must contact Lambeth Child Employment Team immediately.

Contact details

Lambeth Child Employment Team
London Borough of Lambeth
PO Box 734
S023 5DG

Email: childemploymentteam@lambeth.gov.uk

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Telephone: 020 7926 9503

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