On this page you will find out what you need to do if your child wants to work or perform, and information about permits and licences for child employers and agents.

Due to COVID-19, Lambeth has changed how it issues child performance licences.

As such there are some key points to be aware of in regards to child employment and these are subject to change in accordance with national and local policy alterations:

  • Lambeth Council will issue Child Employment Licences by following the government guidelines and restrictions relating to Covid-19. This means that all parties involved must be mindful of the child’s safety and the venue in which the event is going to take place.
  • All licence applications must come with a Covid-19 risk assessment and Covid-19 safeguarding policy - these must include the use of personal protection equipment (PPE).
  • Currently only the performing child's parent/carer can act as their chaperone.
  • All child employment applications must be accompanied by the child’s contract for the event.
  • We are not currently issuing Body of Persons Approvals (BOPAs) due to the government’s guidelines on large events.

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1. If your child wants to work

The youngest age a child can work part-time is 13, except children involved in areas like television, theatre and modelling - see the section on child performance licences.

For detailed information about child employment, including restrictions and minimum pay, visit the child employment pages on GOV.UK.

2. Child work permits

If your child wishes to do paid work, you and your child's employer must apply to us for a work permit. Note that working hours are limited and only certain types of work are allowed.

It is illegal for a child to work without a work permit.

Apply for a child work permit

3. Child performance licences

A child may need a performance licence if they are under school leaving age and take part in:

  • films
  • plays
  • concerts
  • other public performances that the audience pays to see
  • any sporting events or modelling assignments where the child is paid.

The person running the performance or sporting event must apply for a child performance licence. They must do this at least 10 days before the event.

As the child's parent or guardian you must also fill in a section of the form.

Apply for a licence for a child working in entertainment.

4. Licence to chaperone a child working in entertainment

If your child takes part in a licensed performance they must be supervised by a responsible adult, known as a chaperone. Any chaperone must get a licence from us.

Apply for a chaperone licence

5. Body of Persons Approval licence

If you're applying for a licence for more than one child and certain conditions are met you can apply for a Body of Persons Approval.

Apply for a Body of Persons Approval

6. Child employment byelaws

The hours of work and conditions of child employment are described by the Children and Young Persons Acts 1933 and 1963, the Children (Protection at Work) Regulations 1998 and Lambeth Council Byelaws on the Employment of Children 2013.

These laws are to protect the health, safety, well-being and education of children.

7. Contact us

If you need advice or have questions regarding child employment and chaperone licences, you can email us at childemploymentteam@lambeth.gov.uk or call the call centre on 020 7926 9503.