If you no longer need a premises licence, for example if your premises is closing down, let us know.

If the premises stops trading and you do not surrender the licence, you will continue to be liable for any annual fees for as long as the licence remains in force.

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What you need to know...

If you no longer need the Premises Licence (for example, if the premises is closing down), you may surrender the licence.

To do this, send us the completed form and if possible return the licence.

Post your completed form to:

Lambeth Licensing team
Lambeth Civic Centre
6 Brixon Hill

The licence will lapse when we receive of your letter.

There is then a period of 28 days during which any new occupier of the premises may apply to reinstate it, after which time the licence will lapse permanently.

Any new occupier wishing to carry on licensable activities after that time would need to apply for a new Premises Licence.