Use our licensed premises map to see all premises with an active licence in Lambeth, find out what licensable activities they do and report any issues to the Licensing Team.

Do it online (external site)

What you need to know...

You can use the licensed premises map to:

  • Search for licensed premises in the borough, by type, keyword and ward area
  • Find out what licensable activities a premises does, and what days and times they do them
  • Report any issues about a premises within the borough

Businesses can report any incorrect information, so the licensing team can investigate and update our records.

If your device has GPS enabled the map can find where you are and allow you to find what premises are near to your location.

We will update the map every month.

Premises’ opening hours on the map show licensed hours only; the individual premises may choose to open for shorter hours. Any report that a premises is operating outside of their licensed hours will be investigated by the Licensing Team.

As there are so many premises there may be some incorrect information on the map. Over time we will correct them. To help us, if you see anything that’s incorrect, please contact us at

Next Steps

Current licence applications aren’t on the map but you can find them here:

Current licence applications