When premises first apply for a licence (or if they apply to vary their licence, or if the licence is reviewed), you can comment on the application to support or oppose it.

Do it online

What you need to know...

If you wish to make a comment on one of these applications you must do it in writing by the advertised date - usually 28 days after the application was made.

Representations (comments) will usually be expected to relate to at least one of the Lambeth Council licensing objectives to be regarded as valid. The objectives are:

  • Preventing crime and disorder
  • Public safety
  • Preventing public nuisance
  • Protecting children from harm

Applications for premises licences, club premises certificates and gambling licenses are advertised near the premises and in local newspapers. We also display details of current licence applications and current gambling license applications and current applications for sex establishment licences.

Next Steps

Applicants will have access to any comments that are made about their application, to allow them the opportunity to respond to the points raised.

Applications which have valid comments will be referred to a hearing of the Licensing Sub-Committee.

The applicant and anyone who has made a valid comment will be invited to attend the hearing and present their case.

The Sub-Committee will then decide whether or not to grant the application, and whether to add conditions to any licence granted.