Lambeth is committed to responsible procurement. That means, in addition to achieving the maximum possible value from the funds we spend on products, services and works seek to secure additional economic, social and environmental benefits for residents.

Lambeth Council will not ask suppliers to re-submit bank account details by email or website. The only exception will be where:

  • we are following up to verify a bank account change request received directly from the supplier
  • Lambeth provides the supplier with a link to our Oracle financial database for the supplier to update records.

If you are in doubt, please contact before submitting any data.

We will use our procurement process to:

  • improve value for money and create efficiencies where possible
  • improve the quality of services delivered on behalf of the Council
  • encourage innovation and creative service delivery when and where possible
  • ensure that suppliers and contractors operate in accordance with legislation and the Council’s policies
  • consider where we might be able to deliver social value
  • ensure that suppliers meet the Public Sector Equality duty as detailed in the Equalities Act 2010.

We expect competition - from comparing quotes for low value purchases to formal tenders for contracts over £100,000 or high risk.

Sections in this guide (click title to view)

1. Supplier portals

Lambeth businesses can register to find contract opportunities in London, the UK and the European Union:

Lambeth businesses can register to find contract opportunities in London, the UK and the European Union:

EU Supply is Lambeth’s e-procurement service provider. All suppliers who have been invited to tender for contracts valued at £100,000 and greater will need to register for free on the EU Supply portal. Once you have registered on EU Supply you can receive alerts from the site that notify you of every tender opportunity we create.

CompeteFor is a free service that enables London businesses to compete for contract opportunities linked to major public and private sector buying organisations. Any business can register on CompeteFor. It's easy, free of charge, and your business only needs to register once to access thousands of opportunities.

Contracts Finder lets you search for information about government contracts worth over £10,000. Find current contract opportunities, what’s coming up in the future and details of previous tenders and contracts.

Constructionline is a UK government owned certification service for construction and building-related contractors, consultants and materials and goods suppliers. They manage a subscription based approved construction and works supplier list on our behalf; works suppliers will need to pay an annual membership fee to join, depending on the size of their business. Contact the Constructionline Business Development Team on 07712 391082 or at

2. Our pre-qualification process

Suppliers responding to an expression of interest advertisement may be asked to complete a Lambeth business questionnaire.

The questionnaire is used by us to ensure that companies are suitably qualified to carry out the services or supply the goods that they claim they can.

The evaluation of all pre-qualification submissions is based on the economic and financial standing and technical capacity of firms applying.

The questionnaire asks for:

  1. Details of Your Organisation
  2. Grounds For Mandatory Exclusion
  3. Economic & Financial Standing
  4. References & Supplier Capability
  5. Additional Capability Questions (if required)

Firms will also be required to complete a declaration that the information provided is correct and that we can carry out financial and reference checks.

For more information read the:

Business information and support

Suppliers can find information and business support from a number of London resources:

3. Oracle iSupplier module

Lambeth suppliers will be provided with access to the Oracle financial system. This will be granted to identified supplier contacts via a url link together with a log-in and password. The system will allow suppliers to:

  • view invoices submitted to Lambeth along with approval status
  • view payments made
  • to manage your profile (manage address, contacts, bank details etc).

Once access has been provided the attached manual will assist with the navigation of the system.

4. Electronic procurement

Lambeth Council uses eProcurement for contracts in order to boost efficiency; it involves the use of electronic methods in every stage of the purchasing process and includes:

  • Advertising contracts
  • Managing contracts
  • Evaluating tenders
  • Paying suppliers
  • Reverse auctions - where the lowest bidder wins
  • Dynamic purchasing systems - an open electronic catalogue where prices can be updated without introducing a new tender.

eTendering at Lambeth

Suppliers who have been invited to tender online can access the Lambeth E Tendering Tool. You will need to register on the site first.

Contact us
If you need help with the Lambeth E Tendering tool please email the EU Supply helpdesk on If you have a technical enquiry that is urgent, you can call EU Supply on 0800 840 2050 during office hours; 8am to 5pm.