Lambeth is committed to responsible procurement. That means, in addition to achieving the maximum possible value from the funds we spend on products, services and works, we seek to secure additional economic, social and environmental benefits for residents.

We will use our procurement process to:

  • improve value for money and create efficiencies where possible
  • improve the quality of services delivered on behalf of the Council
  • encourage innovation and creative service delivery when and where possible
  • ensure that suppliers and contractors operate in accordance with legislation and the Council’s policies
  • consider where we might be able to deliver social value
  • ensure that suppliers meet the Public Sector Equality duty as detailed in the Equalities Act 2010.
London Living Wage Employer

The London Borough of Lambeth is an accredited Living Wage employer. We also encourage our contractors to pay the Living Wage.

See more information on the Living Wage.

We expect competition - from comparing quotes for low value purchases to formal tenders for contracts over £100,000 or high risk.

Sections in this guide (click title to view)

1. Three-year procurement plan

Our three-year procurement plan covers planned buying activity for the next three years. The plan is organised by cluster. Most of these projects will be advertised and tendered as scheduled, but the list is subject to change.

2. Contracts Register and below threshold purchase orders

The Contracts Register covers all open contracts valued at £100,000 and above.

View purchase orders in excess of £25,000 where the arrangement is not identified on the Contracts Register. This data shows all purchase orders raised during the quarter year that were not subject to a formal tender in accordance with the Lambeth Contract Standing Orders and that were not identified on the Contracts Register.

3. Current contracts for tender for Lambeth Council

Lambeth supports and encourages local businesses, Small and Medium Enterprises, community organisations and charities to participate in the competitive tendering and quotation processes.

All Lambeth contract opportunities are now published on the Contracts Finder website.

4. Other supplier opportunities

Collaborative opportunities

We work with a number of our neighbouring boroughs to ensure that our procurement processes are open and transparent. You may be interested to view current contract notices on the following links:

Business information and support

Suppliers can find information and business support from a number of London resources:

5. Tender process

Read more about the tendering process at - tendering for public sector contracts

6. Responsible procurement

Responsible procurement is the process where we fulfil our needs for goods, services and works in a way that achieves benefit to us in terms of value for money on a whole life basis, as well as providing additional benefits to society, the economy and the environment.

Lambeth will take this approach to maximise additional benefits that can be created through the delivery of goods, services, and the completion of works, above and beyond those directly related to the delivery of those arrangements. It particularly relates to The Public Services (Social Value) Act 2012.

The policy sets out the general principles that the Council will follow for all procurement and commissioning activities in excess of £100,000. This will ensure that that these activities focus on the delivery of value for money, meet the needs of residents, and achieve additional economic, social and environmental benefits for residents.