A Co-operative Local Investment Plan (CLIP) is a non-statutory local area plan that identifies local priorities for Community Infrastructure Levy funding. The funding comes from local developers.

With a focus on children and young people’s services in Lambeth, the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) income has been established as a source of funding for organisations supporting children and young people.

It's anticipated that the total grants awarded over the two funding periods will amount to circa £420,000. In 2019, over £201,500.00 was awarded to 29 organisations across Lambeth.

May 2020 update

The CLIPS fund will continue in its current form where applicants can apply for grants to enhance their organisation’s sustainability and resilience. This will include applications that relate to the impact of Covid-19 and to non-Covid-19 related funding. The decision-making panel will take into account the value of the application, in relation to the specifications given in the guidance document and the urgency of the impact of Covid-19 on organisations' ability to deliver services. We expect a higher number of applications and will look to ensure a fair spread across the borough and provide clear feedback to unsuccessful organisations, as well as direct them towards funding sources or partnerships which could support their application.

We will also look for applications targeted towards the most vulnerable children and young people and families. These are those who are low income, marginalised or BAME, with limited access to outside space, with parents who are key workers or working in health and social care, public transport, or other front-line services, at any level.

When applying, the more realistic you are with the amount you apply for, the more likely you will be successful and the more organisations we can fund.

Apply for CLIPs funding

Apply for CLIPs funding

Please read through the guidance below before starting your application.

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For questions on the fund and application process please email tcunningham@lambeth.gov.uk.